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There is no good or evil, only human desire and where that leads us. What would you be willing to do to achieve your dreams? This is what MTC will explore in Macbeth. Follow the Macbeths on their quest for love and power. Who is to be trusted and who feared? MTC takes this classic tale and turns it on it’s ear to engage and excite all audiences. Whether you are a Shakespeare pro or new to the scene this is one you won’t want to miss!




These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends - hand holding a large amount of red ribbon flowing down to the ground

The exploration of sinister delights comes to life through Shakespearean text and French clowning in Penelope Parsons-Lord’s Violent Delights. Eight actors take audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotion, exploring pleasure and pain through some of Shakespeare’s most well-known works. Audiences have been swept away by the Bard’s alluring words and often racy intentions.

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